Stationery slows things down. The art of writing, making lists and creating dreams with paper connects our minds back to our bodies and I think we’re really craving that. Connection. It’s simple, grounding and very natural
— Kate

Dusty Boy Designs is an award winning luxury lifestyle brand based in the heart of Ireland’s vibrant countryside founded and owned by husband and wife duo Justin Campbell and Kate Rose Crean.

Justin's meticulous eye for detail and design coupled with Kates creativity and vision, make Dusty Boy what it is today – an exciting business that is passionate, expressive but most of all beautiful!   Each piece of work is lovingly created and hand finished from their home studio in Wexford, where they create a product and provide a service that they are incredibly proud to share.  


    Justin was running his own second hand bookstore in South Africa, before he met Kate and moved to the lovely shores of Ireland, completed his degree in Visual Communications and set up Dusty Boy Designs. His key role is in design, cultivating client relationships, managing quality manufacturing and overseeing the operations of the company.


    • He has read the entire series of Lord of the Rings six times 
    • He loves telling Kate about the time he caught a giant crayfish off the Wild Coast in South Africa with his bare hands 
    • He wears shorts and flip flops pretty much all year round
    • He is a closet tech wizard
    • He wanted to be a game ranger when he was a kid and really misses the South African open skies
    • He runs barefoot on the treadmill in nothing but his underpants
    • He loves cooking on open fires, under the stars while drinking craft beer
    • He is an avid Francis Mallman fan
    • He believes in patience, detail and playful slow living



    Having grown up in the wilds of Wexford, Kate draws her inspiration from colour, painterly textures, art, design and nature in its abundance. Kate's main role is as Creative Director where she co-designs Dusty Boys collections and oversees the creative direction of the brand, including marketing, business strategy and product development.


    • She studied Communications in DCU and wanted to be a radio producer
    • She turned up to her very first interview wearing a full suit, buttoned right to the tippy top, carrying a brief case with nothing in it only a banana (she failed spectacularly and quickly realised interviews were NOT her forte)
    • She loves the colour 'white'
    • She is also a make up artist and continues to run her business today
    • She milked cows for years while setting up Kate Rose Crean and secretly loved it
    • She had short hair when she was 4 and people thought her name was Keith
    • She likes to work in her PJ's and worn out slippers
    • She loves soul music, cheese and onion crisps and South African gin ... sometimes all in one go
    • She believes in reaching for magic and following her heart

    Together they are Dusty Boy - partners in work and best friends in life who firmly believe in making things happen.  They took a lucky chance on each other almost 8 years ago and haven't looked back since ...