The Dusty Boy studio, otherwise known as, the Bungalow, originally belonged to Kates Grandparents.  Justin and Kate both wanted to live and work in a place that they could creatively express themselves in and the Bungalow was the perfect place to do just that!  Since moving in six years ago, it has gently grown into the lovely space that it is today where innovative ideas form and flourish.  It's also a place that they are proud to call home where they live with their dogs, hens and soon to be tiny bundle who they can't wait to welcome into the world later this year!  

Growing up, the Bungalow was my little slice of heaven ... A place where we would stop off going to and coming from school and a lot of my favourite childhood memories were gathered from this space. Many many sleepovers, decades of the rosaries, exuberant dress up games and breakfasts in bed on a fancy tray were had here over the years! My Grandad had a wicked sense of humour and my Grandma a voracious imagination. They were wonderful, wonderful people and each and every one of us that came through the door were welcomed with open arms, always
— Kate


When it comes to designing a new product, collection or concept, Kate and Justin work both separately and together on different elements of each and every project.  Kate drives the aesthetic of the brand and product from initial concept as far as the design stage through a series of carefully curated moodboards and painterly mark making.  

Once the experimental part of the process is done, both Justin and Kate sit down at the design process and finalise pattern, colour stories, graphics and layout together.  Justin then takes over and digitally puts everything together before hand finishing almost every item with his old but trusty foil machine. 

But it doesn’t always work out as seamless as that of course! There are times in design when everything flows beautifully and then there are times when it doesn’t and it takes a little back and forth to unearth ourselves and move forward. Sometimes this means roles overlapping so we just go with that …
— Justin

T H E  I N S P I R A T I O N

Both Kate and Justin find the changing seasons and pulsing nature that's right on their doorstep, incredibly inspiring, grounding and peace giving.  They have a great love of the outdoors and so most of their free time is spent slopping around in wellies, walking through fields and following the river with the dogs.  If they're not doing that, you'll find them hanging out, drinking coffee by the veggie patch! 

The continuity, the connection and the sense of belonging that I’ve always had with the land I grew up on is something that I draw great peace from when things get a little muddled. It feels familiar, comforting and very gentle and I love that.
— Kate