Check out some of our new wall prints that we recently added to our little shop! We’ve had a weekend of doodling and creating, mainly custom stationery suites for upcoming couples getting hitched, and also managed to get some spanking new wall prints designed that are now ready to fly to their new homes. Check them out here.
This is one I really love …
(n.) a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles or closed curves demonstrating the common elements and separate distinctions of a set.


This wall print is pretty much our own Venn Diagram, our set, our family where we find love, joy and sometimes utter frustration (mainly at Tink the beagle who exudes utter rebellion!) but a set, where most of all, we find togetherness.
Having said all of that, I think it’s time you met the rest of the family; Polly and Tink
POLLY (A beloved mixture of Springer Spaniel and Wheaten Terrier)
She is the protector, our valient steed, the one who loves nuzzling hands, receiving ear rubs and big sloppy kisses. She’s the bird chaser, the postman terrorizer (sorry Pat!), the mucky field queen, the most beautiful girl in the world.

TINK (The rebellious Beagle)
Meet the ultimate sock stealer. The fun loving, fly by the seat of her pants gal. The greedy, food guzzling thief that only for her gorgeous hugs and beautiful big eyes, she’d be on the naughty step from morning to night. She is defiant and loving, stubborn and sweet all at the same time.
We would be lost without them.
Send us a photo of your gorgeous four leggeds and tag us via instagram #dustyboyfamily. We are only dying to meet you!


Yay! It’s Monday!
If I’m honest, it’s probably one of my favourite days because it spells the beginning of new things. A clean slate. A list bursting with ideas. A week full of promise. Have I turned your head yet?
While you’re pondering that notion, here’s a baby pre pre-view (if there isn’t such a thing, well there is now!) of our first new collection line to wet your whistle. Each month, we will be busting our butts putting together a new concept for our developing product line. So start looking forward to seeing lots more in the way of stationery and luxe paper goods here at dusty boy designs! Our final deadline for our super launch is mid June when all 6 collections and their product lines will be revealed!
In the meantime, meet our first collection concept. This line will suit the girl/guy who is a self proclaimed nerd and minimalist. See below to check if you meet the criteria …
– study stars
– read comic books
– dream of superheros and science
– your favourite ice-cream flavour is melon
You are beautifully weird and we love you for that!
Does this tickle your tasted buds? All answers on a postcard please or if you’re feeling REALLY generous, reply in the comment box below.


Things are about to get really interesting indeed!  We are so happy and excited to finally open up our online shop today to you wonderful people!  This is the first baby step of many to a big dream that we are unfolding little by little.

Dreaming big is what we do – I LOVE painting big big pictures and Justin gets completely lost in detail.  LOTS of detail.  It can be a smidge infuriating from time to time because we speak completely different idea languages but that’s how the painting gets done around here!


When things don’t go to plan and are not moving quickly enough, I have a strong coffee, Justin has a tea, we breathe deep and remember that all good projects take time.




This is a wall print myself and Justin have hanging in our dual desked office (more on that later!) and we love it, but I guess we are a little biased!!



So, we’ve moved. Onto a blog … A real blog! A little place where you hopefully get to watch Dusty Boy bloom into something truly beautiful.
If you don’t know us already, we are Dusty Boy Designs. That’s me, Kate, a makeup artist and my graphic designer husband, Justin. Together we work from our little home studio in the heart of Irelands countryside with our two dogs, Polly and Tink, designing and printing lovely stationery and paper goods.



Here, you’ll get to be part of our creative process and see our new work as it happens along with lots of behind the scenes in our studio and show you what inspires us to do what we do.

We’re really looking forward to getting to know YOU better too, we’d love you to get involved by sharing our work and leaving comments below if that tickles your fancy!


Paper Goods Co.